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Clinical Pilates

What is it? 

Our Physiotherapist, Maddy Collins, is certified in Clinical Pilates, and will be offering sessions on our new Reformer/Tower combination and mat. 

Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that combines Pilates with traditional rehab exercises and is under the instruction of a Physiotherapist. 

How is this service offered?

Your first session with Maddy will be your Assessment, which is required to establish a personalized program for you that will help meet your goals. It may also be necessary to bill Clinical Pilates as Physiotherapy. 

At the end of your session, you and your Physiotherapist will discuss how best to implement your program going forwards i.e. frequency of training, home exercises etc.

Your Clinical Pilates session will be 1:1 with your Physiotherapist

Who could benefit from this?

Anyone looking to increase their physical activity but not sure where to start. This could be anyone looking to try something different to rehabilitate an injury or keen to launch back into exercise after a period of deconditioning or pregnancy

Clinical Pilates is an excellent place to start training under the supervision of a Physiotherapist to help you feel more confident in how you move before taking on that new objective. 

What to bring? 

Please wear comfortable clothing to move in (slightly tighter fitting if possible) so your Physiotherapist is able to analyze your form/technique throughout the exercises. Socks and water bottle are also recommended.

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