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Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment ofmyofascial pain syndromes(Gunn., 2015).  IMS explains pain as the result ofdysfunction in the nerves, which is called neuropathic pain. This type of painoften arises and persists indefinitely in the absence of a detectable permanentinjury or inflammation (Gunn.,2015).

IMS involvesthe insertion of fine needles into shortened muscles bands and trigger points, ofteneliciting a local twitch response, which causes muscle relaxation.  This is a key factor in ongoing pain asshortened muscles decrease joint mobility, alter joint alignment, increasejoint pressure, decrease neural range of motion and cause neural entrapment.Some common syndromes that result from shortened muscles include epicondylitis,tendonitis, bursitis, entrapment neuropathies and syndromes (such as IT bandand piriformis syndrome). 

The effects of IMS are:

  • Decreasein pain
  • Decreasein muscle banding
  • Improvedmobility (usually instant)
  • Improvedsensation and strength
  • Improvedposture

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