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Covid 19 Update - opening on April 1st for "urgent patients"

At Cochrane Sport Physio we know that every patient has come to us because either pain, movement dysfunction, or acute injury is impairing their daily life or activities.  We have implemented a  Telehealth platform through our booking software Jane (basically a secure form of Facetime/ Skype/ Zoom) where clients can book an appointment, seek advice and begin a rehabilitation program.  

We are also taking a proactive approach to ensure “Urgent” patients are still  cared for at this time.  In order to see a patient in person, within the  clinic, the Physiotherapy Alberta College and Association has defined urgent  as:

  • In the absence of physiotherapy services, are you likely to seek health-care services in an urgent care or emergency department setting?
  • In the absence of physiotherapy services, is your condition likely to deteriorate to the point of requiring more invasive management by another health-care professional in the near- or medium-term future?
  • Is the presenting complaint the result of an acute injury, such as a motor vehicle accident?
  • Are you unable to work due to their injury, whether that injury is WCB compensable or not?
  • Is your injury such that you would not be able to carry out your work as an essential service provider? (Nurse, Physician, Paramedic, Police Officer etc.)
  • Is the patient seeking services related to a recent surgery or removal of a cast/other immobilizer?
  • Is the patient’s condition significantly or severely impairing their ability to complete their activities of daily living or provide care to another individual, and if so, is their condition one that is amenable to active physiotherapy treatment?
  • Are you taking medication that is no longer successfully managing your pain levels such that you can carry out your day to day activities?

If you believe you are considered an Urgent patient you will be  asked:

  • Do you consider your condition to be urgent.
  • Is your injury or condition the result of surgery or removal of a cast or immobilizer?
  • Is your injury acute in nature?
  • Are you sick or have you been sick in the last 14 days?
  • Have you returned from traveling or been in contact with anyone traveling in the last 14 days?

These  are challenging times and we will be using a priority model to ensure that  those who are deemed urgent can access within clinic care. 
Please give us a call at 403-932-1088 or email  to determine the best  treatment plan.  We will call or email you back.  If you believe you are best assisted by the virtual online Telehealth platform please contact us. 

Thank you
Cochrane Sport Physio

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We are an independently owned out -patient physical therapy practice specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation. Overall patient health and satisfaction are our top priorities. Your quality of life is important to us. 

We Understand

Your need to return to work, sports, recreational activities and/or daily activities unrestricted and without pain. We will provide you with the highest level of rehabilitation care possible with our primary goal being to return you to your lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible. We at Cochrane Sport Physio strive to achieve this in a way that fits into your busy schedule.

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